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Development Management

Time, resources and finances – all saved through proper management.

As the name suggests, Kanebridge Capital’s development management services offer expert and holistic management services for any and all stages of the property development process.

Through doing so, Kanebridge Capital gives property developers the peace-of mind and confidence of having a well seasoned property developer on-board. This encourages obvious benefits, including:

  • Satisfaction of funding requirements
  • More efficient use of time, resources and finances
  • Confidence of investors, buyers and other third-parties of having an experienced developer such as Kanebridge Capital on-board
  • Maximum value extraction


Kanebridge Capital understands that each property development has its own unique requirements and that every property developer has distinctive goals, limitations and opportunities. A such, Kanebridge Capital treats each property development as distinct and creates bespoke development management plans for each, with typical services including:

Pre-development services

Development Applications & Council liaison
Site acquisition
Professional Consultancy management
(architects, engineers, surveyors etc)
Tendering and selection
Identify, advise on and secure the most competitive and appropriate funding

Development services

Budgeting and forecasting services
Construction project management
Contracts administration
Trade-relationship management
Site health and safety compliance