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Kanebridge Capital understands that finding the right funding on a property project can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project.

As such, it has dedicated much of its resources to creating a myriad of funding options for its valued clients. Those funding options extend to practically any budget, any timeframe and can suit any circumstances – whether for Development Funding or Commercial Funding.

Kanebridge Capital has very wide access to Australia’s leading funding providers, including specialist development funders.

Kanebridge Capital understands that there are varying lender requirements at varying stages of every development. Furthermore, it is understood that each development and each developer is unique in its own right – with different budgets, goals and finance requirements. With such an understanding comes a complete and comprehensive funding offering from Kanebridge Capital and its funding networks.

Speak with a Kanebridge Capital funding specialist today to discuss your specific development, so that you can be given the assurance of an individualised reply – with a solution that’s tailored just for you.

Kanebridge Capital has developed a commercial funding division that is experienced and well-equipped to find the most suitable commercial funding solutions for any application.

Through industry-wide and solid relationships formed and managed over many years, Kanebridge Capital has access to the best lenders, lowest rates and most flexible lending terms. Whether funding is required for acquisition/development of property or for any other commercial application, including asset leasing or equipment finance, Kanebridge Capital is able to find the best and most appropriate solution.

Given that each commercial application of funding is unique, speak with a Kanebridge Capital commercial funding specialist today to discuss your specific needs and to determine how best Kanebridge Capital can help you realise your commercial goals.