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Don’t leave your financial future to fate

Kanebridge Wealth Solutions is committed to providing its valued clients with the tools necessary to achieve, build and maintain wealth – a personal CFO of sorts.

In order to do so, Kanebridge Wealth Solutions takes steps to learn about its clients, understand their needs, appreciate their circumstances and create a wealth plan based on the same. From there, Kanebridge Wealth Solutions guides its clients through each and every step on the road to a future characterised by financial freedom.

‘Wealth’ is not a singular concept, rather it is the composite of a series of individual parts that work together to achieve wealth. Those composite elements include: financial planning, superannuation, advice, protection, retirement & estate planning and more.


Kanebridge Wealth Solutions calls on its extensive experience in the following wealth-related products and services, all of which can be utilised to achieve anticipated financial goals:


* Self-Manager Superannuation Funds
* Wealth Protection Products
* Property Investment


* Share Investment
* Bonds & Securities

The wealth management and growth cycle is a combination of many parts.
No matter where you are on that cycle,
Kanebridge Wealth Solutions is your trusted partner.


Having your estate in proper order and affair is critical to ensuring that your estate and your loved ones are taken care of. There are many implications that don’t seem obvious, but are critical to establishing and maintaining an effective estate. Speak with a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor to discuss your estate options today.



Kanebridge Wealth Advisory, as the name suggests, provides trusted and experienced advice on all aspects of wealth growth and maintenance. By taking seasoned advice, many pitfalls and common mistakes in wealth creation can be avoided and, to the contrary, many industry tips and tricks can be used to help achieve wealth goals. Speak with a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor today for a complementary consultation.



Following the receipt of superior wealth advice, Kanebridge Wealth Advisors can help ensure that any plan put in place is maintained and properly implemented. Furthermore, ongoing support means that one is never alone on the road to wealth. Speak with a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor today to discuss how having a supporting partner can help realise your wealth goals.



Superannuation is one of the fastest growing asset/investment classes in Australia – with millions of Australians now operating a self-managed super fund. The benefits of doing so are numerous, including tax minimisation and long-term high-yielding investments. Getting the formula right is critical to having a successfully managed superannuation fund – something a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor can help develop. For assistance at any and all stages of establishing, running and growing a self-managed superannuation fund, speak with a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor today.



Having something valuable is one thing, protecting it is another thing entirely. Kanebridge Wealth Advisory is a recognised industry force in the protection of client asset classes through many means, including industry leading insurances, income supplements and other tailored protective mechanisms. Speak with a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor today about protecting the things you value and the people you care for.



Finding the best and most appropriate investment avenues can be challenging and risky. However, with the help of a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor, confidence is provided in not only identifying suitable investments, but also the most beneficial class of investment based on specific financial circumstances. To arrange a complementary consultation with a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor to discuss what investment options are available, get in touch today.



After a lifetime of work, there is arguably anything more important to your wealth than planning your retirement properly. A Kanebridge Wealth Advisor can provide you with the retirement advice you need to ensure your future is secure, regardless of how far away or into retirement you are. Speak with a Kanebridge Wealth Advisor today.