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Sydney - A Growing City Requires Increased Infrastructure

Sydney - A Growing City Requires Increased Infrastructure

Did you know that an estimated 5,017,040 people in this country call Sydney home? A number that SQM Research have recently forecast in their 2016 Boom & Bust Report to grow by 1.75% per year to arrive at a population of circa 5,194,172 by 2018. That’s an average increase of 87,807 people per year!

As those who live in such capital cities know, while population growth can boost an economy, it can also put strain on how a city functions; public transport becomes crowded, roads and highways become congested, airports packed, schools taking limited enrolments and shopping centres having no car spaces.

In order to counteract the negative effects of increased population growth, a smart city will invest in and embrace new infrastructure projects. Not only do new infrastructure projects create employment and help the economy, there lasting effect also contributes to society by ensuring a city performs better and is more liveable in general.

Over the next week, Kanebridge takes a brief glance at Sydney’s completed, under construction and proposed infrastructure projects. Keep an eye on our blog or subscribe to our Newsletter to be informed.

Author: Marwan Rahme 
CEO, Kanebridge Limited

This research was conducted by SQM Research.